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The Thank You Quilt

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I made this quilt as a thank you to some family friends who gave us a vintage Kitchen Aide mixer and a gas grill as newly weds when we were first starting out.  I was so grateful that they had thought of us.  These items would normally be big ticket items and they gave them to us for FREE! I had to make them a ‘Thank you’ quilt!  This was actually the third attempt of mine to make them a quilt.  I had decided on a color palette and purchased all the fabric to go with a pattern I had chosen.

Pattern #1 was a template pattern – which I do not ever use.  The rotary cutter was one of the greatest inventions, in my opinion.  I did, however, try to make a go with the templates as the pattern was very pretty.  I didn’t have good luck with it and grew frustrated.

Pattern #2 involved cutting up all the fabric into strips to sew into strip sets.  I struggled with this pattern too as it was one of those cut-your-own-cardboard-triangle-ruler patterns.

Thus I became very frustrated since all of my fabric was already sewn into strip sets.  Luckily I had this little Mardi Gras pattern by Villa Rosa Designs in my stash.  Although mine used different dimensions and ended up being quite larger, I was able to get a good idea to finally make all this fabric into a finished quilt.

All in all, I’m glad that it took me three tries to get this quilt made.  It turned out beautiful and the recipient loved it!

I quilted it on my regular Bernina sewing machine using an all over swirls and curls method.  I did do some piecing on the back – which I think turned out very well.

10641179_732128060190743_3006874890320045314_n 10402762_732127733524109_5295409974613769530_n 1901291_732128360190713_2333451154760619630_n 1798440_732127820190767_6638869350022980901_n 7103_732128116857404_1476687200306359442_n 149363_732127936857422_2830348837728499076_n 540373_732127886857427_4719530026061562197_n 1525011_732128156857400_7693038177300802469_n 1621748_732127920190757_2830962486617382692_n 10712836_732128240190725_1079053577184566636_n

Thanks for visiting!

~Elise and Emerald

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