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The Peacock Quilt

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I made this quilt for my sister-in-law. *Confession* I have actually been working on it for a few years….. While I was working on it I told myself it was a Christmas present, then a birthday present, then Christmas again.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.  My SIL’s birthday is in April and this year I got it SO close to being done I just couldn’t wait anymore! I had to give it to her!  When I gave it to her on her birthday it still wasn’t quite done – just needed to be quilted and bound….

Yesterday I finally gave her the completed quilt!  Feels so good to be done with it! It took me awhile to finish because the quilting design I chose was challenging.  I felt so bad giving it to her late that I had to get a jump start on the next quilt I am giving as a gift.  So I was a few months behind on the last one, BUT I am a few months ahead on the next one! (I may even get the blog post done early too – wowza!)

My SIL love peacocks and her whole house is shades of blue, grey, green, and brown. I think this quilt turned out so well!  I was most nervous to choose a binding fabric – but I think I chose wisely!  It really ties the whole thing together! Of course I had to take it out for a photo shoot before it could go home with its rightful owner.

11759429_10207148431927320_2001832505_n 11774510_10207148432687339_22623532_n 11759409_10207148434527385_62734976_n 11758779_10207148431687314_1392349183_n 11753910_10207148433767366_1375644644_n 11749547_10207148431807317_884528973_n 11748788_10207148435247403_41589237_n 11741679_10207148433727365_2012790612_n 11125441_10207148436167426_689879867_n

Estelle, my Bernina Record 830, and I quilted it using a modified stippling technique.  I made squares and boxes instead of loops and hoops to meander around on the whole quilt top. This was a new method for me – and I love how it turned out!

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~Elise and Emerald

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