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Red Heart Log Cabin

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Hello my lovely readers!

While I was updating my blog (since I once again have neglected it for awhile) I noticed I was missing a post on the quilt I made for my mother-in-law!  I was so excited to share the pictures with all of you – I can’t believe I forgot about it! But, there it was – sitting in my drafts folder…

I gave this quilt to my MIL back in September for her birthday and she was thrilled!  This quilt was very special to me as well because the pattern was designed by my very own mother!  It is a variation on a log cabin pattern that features a heart in the middle.  My mom’s original design was sewn in pinks, browns, and greens.  For my MIL I knew the design needed to be done in red!

Since I made you wait so long for this post, I will just keep it short and sweet and just give you the photo shoot!

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Thanks for visiting!

~Elise and Emerald

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